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Magic Uploader
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Magic Uploader

Automatic Data Uploads

The magic uploader automatically transmits data from your cpap to SleepHQ using your home wifi. Wake up every morning and check your therapy results without the need for manual uploads. 

Currently available for ResMed AirSense devices.

What is the Magic Uploader?

The Magic Uploader is a small device that connects to your CPAP machine and automatically uploads your data to your SleepHQ account.

Do you need a Magic Uploader to use SleepHQ?

No. You can use SleepHQ completely free and simply manually upload your data. The Magic Uploader is for people who want the convenience of knowing that their data will be automatically uploaded every single day.

Is the Magic Uploader compatible with my CPAP machine?

The Magic Uploader is currently compatible with all ResMed series 10 and 11 devices.  We’ll be adding more devices soon so stay tuned!

Does it come with a power cable for my country?

The Magic Uploader comes with a power adapter and plugs to suit Australia, America, Europe and United Kingdom. If your country uses a different power plug, you’ll just need to get an adapter from one of those countries to your local power plug type.

Does it work with Card to Cloud devices?

ResMed recently announced a new range of devices called Card to Cloud that don’t have cellular compatibility. Because the Magic Uploader uses the SD card to transmit data it will work regardless of the internal cellular capabilities of your machine. It will work with both Card to Cloud devices and other non Card to Cloud devices.

I use AirView to monitor my data, is this compatible?

No, the Magic Uploader will not send data to your MyAir account. The Magic Uploader will only send data to your SleepHQ account. You can use both systems simultaneously and they won’t interfere with each other.

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